Outlines - Ramsgate Festival Of Sound 2019

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A Day In The Life Of My Friend - Deptford Cinema 2019 - a continually evolving installation piece based around the fragmentation of the image and score of The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari


The Mask - a radioplay in six acts featuring mask, turf, nuts, wind and keys


Written for the Radiophrenia Festival 2019 as part of an on going collaboration with artist Esmeralda Valencia Lindstrom exploring the act of throwing. The piece takes on the form of a radio play and reflects on our relationship with materials and objects and what it means to be continuously involved in and with matter. http://valencialindstrom.com/

A Day In The Life Of My Friend - Gordon House Margate 2018

Set in the evocative space of Gordon House this was an immersive installation based around The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari, inviting the audience to inhabit and experience the material a new. Using looped projections and sounds i then performed fragments form my musical score from within this new setting .

Box Summer Studio , Gothenburg  2018

Using the act of throwing to engage with materials and sound



Ongoing project exploring memories of rooms from our past

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5 Years Gallery - Sleeping Yet Pointing

December 2017

A week long residency and collaboration with artist Esmeralda Valencia Lindstrom, exploring space, objects and sounds through instruction



Half Listening - Radio Feature - Radiophrenia 2018


5 Easy Pieces - Inside Out , Hackney Wicked 2017


Caligari Rehersals - Klingt Gut,  Hamburg 2017

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Daily Concerns - Dilston Grove , London 2016

A project exploring our internal and external pathways patterns and everyday rhythms